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Founded in May 2020, Les Impacteurs design social innovation programmes. Their vision is of an economy where committed actors have the weapons to respond to the societal and environmental challenges of our time. Their mission is to contribute to the development of a more responsible economy in France.

The Impacteurs offer step-by-step support to guide the project leader through the first stages of their entrepreneurial adventure. The support? A 100% online platform that offers a pedagogical path punctuated by different key stages to go from a simple idea to a viable and responsible project.

Each stage corresponds to a major question that an entrepreneur asks himself, and is made up of several educational videos, practical information sheets and a mentoring session.

The programme follows a common thread: responsibility and the search for neutral or positive impact. Each step is designed to make the project as responsible as possible, thus proposing concrete alternatives to make the project evolve in a sustainable and viable way.

The programme is designed to support not only profit-making activities but also non-profit projects such as associations or humanitarian projects, in order to create a maximum number of positive impact projects. Finally, the programme is accessible to all: it is 100% covered by the training grants and can be done completely independently.

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