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The aim of our action is to develop a platform of digital services for the market garden and vegetable production sectors by serving two major objectives, supporting the activity and developing more environmentally friendly practices. It fills a glaring lack of tools and resources for this sector and aims to help producers face the constraints and vulnerabilities caused by the changes underway.

Through an innovative approach, mixing human intelligence and new technologies, the proposed solution offers three axes of value

- a platform for exchanging and promoting practices and knowledge of all origins among all the players in the sector and their partners;

- a range of services to connect the producer and his production to the various distribution channels and to bring him closer to consumers (transparency, labelling, traceability, etc.);

- a simple, effective and usable daily application to provide assistance in the management and monitoring of the farm, and services to suggest planning and crop rotation.

The networking of actors and data should facilitate access to local "quality" products, information on crop itineraries, knowledge and help develop new agroecological practices. It contributes to a better dissemination of practices and to the sustainability of producers on their territory.

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