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For more than 10 years, Maarch has been developing document dematerialization software.

We design powerful and easily scalable solutions to meet the needs of all organisations.

Maarch is an influencer of digital uses and a specialist in document management.

We operate mainly in France and on the African continent.

We defend values such as trust through openness, sharing through mutualisation and sustainability through community.

That's why our software is released under the terms of the GNU/GPL Free and Open Source license.

Maarch is a recognized actor of free software publishing in French-speaking territories (Free Enterprise Award at the Open Source Summit).

Our software :

Maarch Courrier, electronic mail management

Maarch Parapheur, electronic signature process management

Maarch RM, standardized electronic archiving system

Manager :

ERCOLANI Jean-louis

11 Bd du Sud-Est, 92000 NANTERRE


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