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The Ender'Ocean project was born out of the desire to find a permanent solution to reduce pollution and pressures on marine and coastal biodiversity.

It locates areas where solid waste accumulates thanks to an innovative satellite photo analysis solution, detects waste (including abandoned or lost nets and fishing gear) and collects it using underwater robots.

The originality? These robots are remotely piloted... by video game players! In the form of missions, players can pilot an ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle) from a simple web browser, using the keyboard or joystick (gamepad).

The robots used are free technologies (under Open Source licences). They have grippers capable of recovering all types of waste (fishing nets, pieces of plastic, etc.). They are connected to a floating base capable of supplying them with energy and Internet access.

A team of people on board the floating base is responsible for collecting the waste collected by the players during the missions.

Manager :

BLED Denis

19 Avenue Charles et Emile Lestage 33170 GRADIGNAN