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After more than 5 years of research and development, more than 40 applications deployed and maintained in production, the source software Newmips gives birth to NODEA Software.

This new product aims to integrate with digital service team work environments that are looking for rapid, robust and open development solutions. NODEA Software enables the development of custom business applications with a radically different approach to traditional methods.

Come and meet the team for a demonstration, join the community to enrich the product roadmap.

What types of applications can you quickly develop?

• Core business applications (custom applications deployed in the Cloud or On-Premise)

• Collaborative solutions (intranet with back-office functions)

• Back-office management solutions such as Mobile & IOT Portals

Who is the NODEA Software platform for?

• IT Department: You are looking for a Low-Code platform to industrialise the development of your business applications.

• Digital Services Companies: You are an ESN or a development team. You are looking for a robust, reliable, open and ready-to-use tool. You want to become a partner.

• Freelance developer: Are you looking for a tool to build open solutions for your customers? Are you interested in Open Source? Join the NODEA community and participate in the platform's roadmap.

Manager :

BLED Denis

19, Avenue Charles et Emile Lestage, 33170 GRADIGN


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