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eMundus, an edtech startup based in La Rochelle, France, has developed a white-label, online call for proposals and application management platform to help organisations manage their regular application campaigns flexibly and efficiently.

The eMundus application management system allows our clients, both public and private, to optimise their application management processes and generate significant savings, thus reducing the cost of candidate acquisition.

The solution is a powerful and easy-to-use application collection and tracking tool. It has all the key features to help you run faster and more multi-stage recruitment campaigns, including the interview and candidate assessment stage. Teams also save time with the call platform because it automates time-consuming administrative tasks for them and produces dashboards, analyses and reports to measure the performance of candidate campaigns. With just a few clicks, the extraction of application data in pdf, excel or zip format is carried out so that the information initially recorded on the platform can be archived outside the application management tool.

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